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Agile Systems Engineering Life Cycle Model Fundamentals


Contact: Rick Dove, 575-586-1536,


Project Leadership:

Rick Dove, 

Kevin Forsberg,

Jack Ring,

Garry Roedler,

Bill Schindel, 

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Completed Workshops in 2015:

Contact or +1-575-586-1536 for attendance and hosting information.

Purpose Provide necessary & sufficient principles for agile SE processes compatible with all agile SE practices, organizational cultures, SE community needs, and 15288 standards.

Objective Discover generic principle-based life-cycle stages, processes, and activities that can be intuitively embraced and applied to achieve both engineering and management necessary-and-sufficient SE needs for dealing effectively with uncertain, unpredictable, and evolving SE environments.

Objective Create actionable knowledge and insight among Host participants.

Scope Cover a wide variety of agile SE process types.

Planned Published Products
  • The principle INCOSE product will be a technical report describing a generic Agile SE Life Cycle Model with supporting exemplar case studies. The Life Cycle Model will support rather than supplant common agile systems and software management practices and processes. Estimated product completion is later half of 2016.
  • Pattern Based SE Modeling (PBSE) will illustrate configurations aligned to the case studies.
  • Supplemental guidance for application and/or tailoring of SE processes contained in ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288 (potential future Annex or part of guides) and INCOSE SE Handbook.
  • Ancillary INCOSE technical information in briefer form and focus is anticipated as papers targeted for the Systems Journal and the International Symposium.
Planned Work
  • ~8 three-day workshops in US and Europe.
  • Defense and Commercial Sectors with mixed HW/SW/WW projects.
  • Analyze processes that deal with Caprisciousness, Uncertainty, Risk, Variation, & Evolution effectively.
  • Apply the action-learning to a Host process in need of more agility.
  • Facilitate Host participant knowledge/insight.

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