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Book: Response Ability - The Language, Structure and Culture of the Agile Enterprise
Value Propositioning - Perception and Misperception in Decision Making

Seminars and Planning Kickoffs

Yes - we do them. We have some in the can, we can modify prior ones to emphasize your specific needs, and we can custom build one for you from scratch. Topics include the issues and methods for developing enterprise agility, decision-making psychological behavior, value propositioning skills, and agile information security strategy considerations. Inquire by email to .

Decision Making and Value Propositioning. Arm your Decision Champions and your Decision Makers with an eye-opening dose of reality from the Value Propositioning book series. Material drawn from the first book covers the fundamentals and psychological behaviors of decision making and value propositioning. It  explains how and why decision making happens the way it does. For the learner, whether Decision Maker or Decision Champion, it points out the path to improvement. Material drawn from the second book (not yet published) addresses the personal development of a Champion's competency and talent at value propositioning. Presentations can be tailored for keynotes, seminars, workshops and meeting stimulation - for decision makers and for decision champions.

New Year Thought Provokers. Need a kickoff for a planning session? Want some context for a strategy development meeting? Rick Dove is previewing the results of ten years of research into highly adaptable organizations and practices, with case examples and principles for designing response able organizations, business practices, process, and products. These concepts come from his book for John Wiley and Sons, titled Response Ability: The Language, Structure, and Culture of the Agile Enterprise. Entertaining and thought provoking, presentations can be formatted for luncheon and keynote overviews, or for two to six hour seminar sessions with or without working exercises. Inquire by email to .

Design Principles for the Response Able Enterprise - The agile enterprise is able to respond to opportunity and threat with the immediacy and grace of a cat prowling its territory. This response able competency is accentuated or inhibited by organizational design. Ten structural design principles that enable agile enterprise are discussed, using real examples from eight years of analytical research into a wide variety of highly adaptable business systems. Examples range from product and process architecture to organizational architecture. The principles are generic systems engineering concepts and are appropriate for building adaptable systems of any kind at any level in an organization: production process, business practice, manufacturing, product architecture, or business and organizational strategy. Seminars can be directed and customized for manufacturing, engineering, IT, human resource, management, strategist, and executive interests. Inquire by email to .

Creating The Response Able Environment - Ten years of research investigated adaptable organizations, business practices, and production processes - attempting to find the underlying principles at work. High "response ability" is shown to stem from two components: a structure that enables reconfiguration and a culture that facilitates change proficiency. The seeds of both structural and cultural components have been found in virtually every company analyzed, whether or not the company explicitly recognizes and leverages this knowledge as a competency. This seminar reviews conclusions and tools coming from the research, and describes a methodology for finding and leveraging this inherent knowledge in any organization. This seminar draws upon Rick Dove's book for John Wiley and Sons - titled Response Ability: The Language, Structure, and Culture of the Agile Enterprise. Seminars can be formatted for luncheon and keynote overviews, or for two to six hour sessions with or without working exercises. Inquire by email to .

Response Ability - Building Change Proficiency Maturity Profiles - An introductory seminar providing executive and management overviews of the concepts and procedures used in building Change Proficiency Maturity Profile (see below for details).

Response Ability - Implementing Stealth Knowledge Management - An introductory seminar providing executive and management overviews of the concepts and procedures used in implementing and supporting stealth knowledge management and communities of practice (see below for details).


Private and public workshops employing Realsearch methods are a primary activity for us. Custom engagements can be designed for management teams, departments, supplier groups, your partners, or your industry sector. Intense workshop leadership and facilitation experience since 1986 has evolved an effective methodology for creating new knowledge, solving real problems, and developing participant-personal insights into problems and their solutions. A considerable body of methodology and application activity is explained in our Realsearch executive overview and its links. We will custom design workshops that can range from a small group of top executives building business strategies to any size group engaged in business analysis, process analysis, reengineering, or business practice development. Inquire by email to .

The Discovery Workshop Series - a cost-effective way to design response able innovative business practices and develop new competencies. A 3-day workshop augments traditional thought of internal participants with objective viewpoints and experiences of selected outsiders. This accelerates the progress of internal learning and broadens the effectiveness of results. Realsearch is a workshop channeling process that helps people solve business problems effectively while developing deep, fundamental insights. It structures the learning, application, and communication of fundamental principles - guiding participants toward unique, robust, attainable solutions - and leaves a legacy of new management competency. Benefits Include:

  • Viable solutions to real problems: Robust change proficient design.
  • Innovative achievement of real opportunities: Sustainable change proficient leadership.
  • Comprehensive: Designs contain both vision and strategy to motivate and enable.
  • Management development: Process develops a core team with insightful, leverageable competency.
  • Broadly communicable: Metaphor model conveys important values and strategies to broad audience.
  • Design models provide an irrefutable pre-emptive set-point: Anything else is second best.

Response Ability - Building Change Proficiency Maturity Profiles

How agile are you? Which of your business practices must be more change proficient? Are your critical areas response able enough? To establish agility as a preemptive business strategy, or design a change proficiency improvement strategy, it is first necessary to know how proficient you are in critical business practices. We will help you identify your critical business practices for agility, and help you measure your proficiency in each of these areas. We can do it for you if you prefer, be we prefer to do it with you. Profiles can be focused - on critical manufacturing, supply-chain, or product development practices and processes, for instance - or broadly applied across a division, corporation, or even an entire industry. See the Maturity Reference Model for an example of one company profiled across 24 critical business practices. Profiling projects can be used to introduce and sensitize the corporation and key people to agility concepts and metrics, as well as providing a benchmark of proficiency and a roadmap for improvement. Introductory seminars are available to provide executive and management overviews of the concepts and procedures. Inquire by email to .

Consulting, Contract-Employment, and Interim-Executive Change Management: Strategy, Implementation, and Development Projects

Projects taken on by Paradigm Shift International (PSI) range from the one extreme of team leadership or team guidance of your resources - to pure turn-key development with our resources, and include interim-executive positions where hands-on change management and strategy implementation is needed. We prefer collaborative working styles, however. We seek project work that is interesting to us - generally this means it is a learning experience which generates new and valuable knowledge about business strategy and practice under conditions of change. We are analyzers, planners, developers, and managers - with strong strategic planning talents. We bring specially developed analysis and design tools, effective team guidance procedures, and a pragmatic get-it-done twist that comes from real-life bottom-line responsibility. Inquire by email to .

Effective Use of Non-Employee Knowledge Workers & Outsourced IP Development - Short on knowledge worker talent? Ready to rethink how outside resources can be harnessed effectively? Talent does make a difference, and isn't interested in your company's retirement plan. Let us help you design an effective and strategic interface, and supporting management practices, for outsourced knowledge work and intellectual property development. We'll guide you through a collaborative development process that employs response ability analysis and design principles to create a strategy and business practice custom-fit to your needs and opportunities. Inquire by email to .

Implementing Stealth Knowledge Management - Knowledge management and communities of practice have become a focused interest for many companies. Too often this intense focus develops new bureaucracies and new procedures that distort a pervasive natural practice into some artificial and idyllic abstraction. Let us help you design a strategy that recognizes what you already have, and augment it with culturally-compatible support and nurturing. The result is an evolution of concepts already in place and comfortable within your organizational culture - and an effective knowledge management practice that supports the strategic and operational needs of real people. For conceptual background see essays 53 and 54. Introductory seminars are available to provide executive and management overviews of the concepts and procedures. Inquire by email to .

Management Training Sessions

Let us augment your management training curriculum with 1/2-day to multiple-day sessions on business adaptability needs, awareness, and strategies for general business planning, product development, agile manufacturing and production, knowledge management, change management, human assets, supply chains, and more. Inquire by email to .

Keynotes and Other Speaking Engagements

Rick Dove will open your conference, motivate your team, entertain your business-dinner guests, or set the stage for your strategic planning session. He will talk about today or the can't-escape-it future. He'll talk about strategy, technology, information systems, education, production, business practices, human relations, supplier relations, decision making, security reality considerations, and just plane common sense. He will talk about your business and your markets -- and it will be entertaining as well as informative. All engagements are custom designed. Call Rick Dove at 505-586-1536 or inquire by email to .

Consulting & Contract Employment - Critical-Project Start-Up

Need some extra talent right now?

Have a critical project or strategy to build and implement?

Or simply want a strawman to kick-start an internal program?

Hire Rick Dove to lead or help you with design, start-up, and turn-over of a strategy or critical project. He brings proven strategic thought, knowledge, hands-on experience, and a get-it-done attitude.

His motivation: He has spent the last twelve years as a thought leader in analyzing and developing principles for highly responsive enterprise, and seeks hands-on opportunities to apply what he has learned to meaningful and critical projects and strategies.

He will work on or off-site, in a group or independently, will travel, will work part-time or nearly-full-time as a contract employee or as a consultant. He will direct, manage, facilitate, or assist. Compensation, working relationship, and duration are all negotiable.

  • Talents: Vision, strategy, collaboration, project management and facilitation, presentation and written communication, quick-study.
  • Specialties: Event-based change management, long term change proficiency, agile enterprise processes, marketing and business strategy, start-up planning and implementation.
  • Style: Results focused, hands-on, systems thinking, collaborative, can-do.
  • Reputation: Trustworthy, up-front with agendas, call-it-as-he-sees-it, objective, effective, no-nonsense team player.
  • Resources: Personal associate network is extensive and available to contribute when appropriate.
  • Experience: Start-ups, turnarounds, mergers, and consulting in computers, software, system-integration, office products, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, government projects, consortia, international projects and sales, and food and wine processing.
  • Technical: Strong in software and computers, effective with all engineering, science, and production.
  • Executive Experience: Dir of Marketing, Dir of Sales, Dir of R&D, Dir of Engineering, Dir of Production, President, CEO, Chairman, Founder.


  • Agile information security and compatibly rational policies, procedures, and practices.
  • The psychological behavior- reality of decision making, and compatible value propositioning.
  • Preemptive eCommerce strategies with supporting organizational design.
  • Event-based change management, or long term change proficiency.
  • Critical and strategic reengineering projects.
  • New business and market strategies and start-ups.
  • Agile production and service delivery strategies.
  • Rapid, adaptable product design.
  • Culture change, modification, or merger.
  • Creating collaborative cultures, creating cultures of strategic thought.
  • Corporate learning architecture.
  • Collaborative learning and distance learning tools and practices.
  • Knowledge management tools and practices.
  • Developing effective practice for outsourcing knowledge work.
  • Creating preferred status as outsource for knowledge and critical-competency work.
  • Vision, mission, strategy creation and buy-in.
  • Profiling competitive change proficiency and maturity.

To explore a project fit or discuss additional details contact Rick Dove directly at 505-586-1536. For fastest sure response, send email to .

Download Rick Dove's résumé.

Features: Home | Library | Corp Info
Major Concepts: Realsearch ||| Enterprise Model ||| Maturity Model
                        Knowledge & Agility ||| Agile System Principles
Book: Response Ability - The Language, Structure and Culture of the Agile Enterprise
Book: Value Propositioning - Perception and Misperception in Decision Making

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