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98/99 Discovery

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Major Concepts: Realsearch ||| Enterprise Model ||| Maturity Model
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Book: Response Ability - The Language, Structure and Culture of the Agile Enterprise
Value Propositioning - Perception and Misperception in Decision Making

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Building Preemptive Practices: Bold Goals & Robust Strategies

1998/99 Realsearch Discovery Workshops

Real people solving real problems in real time.

Realsearch is a workshop channeling process that helps people solve business problems effectively while developing deep, fundamental insights. It structures the learning, application, and communication of fundamental principles - guiding participants toward unique, robust, attainable solutions - and leaves a legacy of new management competency.

Objectives for the 1998/99 Workshop Series

  • To build bold, innovative, robust models of business practices critical in today's competitive environment. Candidates include strategy development, strategic positioning, organizational structure, knowledge management, change management, innovation management, resource management, supply chain management, sales management, product realization, delivery of services, and production and distribution strategies.
  • To arm participants with enough knowledge and experience to complete these design models to fit custom corporate priorities and opportunities.
  • To develop insightful competency with the application of robust design principles.


  • Viable solutions to real problems: Robust change proficient design.
  • Innovative achievement of real opportunities: Sustainable change proficient leadership.
  • Comprehensive: Designs contain both vision and strategy to motivate and enable.
  • Management development: Process develops a core team with insightful, leverageable competency.
  • Broadly communicable: Metaphor model conveys important values and strategies to broad audience.
  • Design models provide an irrefutable pre-emptive set-point: Anything else is second best.

The Discovery Workshop Series is a cost-effective way for both hosts and traveling participants to design innovative business practices and develop new competencies. A 3-day workshop augments internal traditional thought of 5-or-so host-participants with objective viewpoints and experiences of 10-20 visiting participants. This accelerates the progress of internal learning and broadens the effectiveness of results. Though a workshop focuses on a valuable host-specific interest, workshop subjects are chosen for their fundamental and universal interest. This attracts experienced qualified visitors to the Realsearch Team and engages their full participation - everyone comes to learn fundamental knowledge, practice its application, and build a leverageable model. The focus is on fundamentals that will never be applied the same in two different environments.

  • Workshop participation is limited to ensure an effective experience. Current procedures can accommodate approximately 25 people.
  • All participants are assigned pre-reading on fundamentals, the workshop process, and relevant articles on the subject of focus. Participants also engage in evening group-homework activities two of the three workshop nights.
  • Traveling participants are involved in a minimum of two workshops.
  • Hosts send a minimum of two participants to at least one other workshop.
  • Structured workshop procedures review relevant case articles, build a local metaphor model from one local practice, and develop a design model for a new strategy or practice with bold, preemptive characteristics.
  • The fee for hosting: $20,000 includes edited and rationalized post workshop documentation. Hosts may send participants to other sites at $975 each.
  • The fee for traveling participants: $2975 for the first workshop attended in the series, no-charge for the second, and $975 for subsequent workshops. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are welcome. Call 505-586-1536 for registration details or request them from .

Supplemental Benefits

  • An essay that chronicles the progress of emerging knowledge is generally written monthly and distributed to all participants as well as posted to the web site. Essays typically draw from knowledge developed in the workshops and attempt to interpret and explain fundamental concepts. Though they never expose information considered proprietary to workshop hosts, they often employ host examples to explain good practice and good application.
  • The web site will continue to explore and chronicle the growing body of fundamentals-based knowledge for adaptable and effective business operation and design. Workshop participants will be able to maintain and further develop their knowledge through on-line publications and participative discussion forums.
  • The objective of this workshop series is to develop a variety of innovative and robust critical business practice models. At the conclusion of the series this objective is published in various forms and given to all participants.

Do-It-Now Action

  • Ask about hosting one of these workshops - there is no better form of management development (or ask about private and customized management and operational workshops). Scheduling is still open for 1998 - with workshop frequency no denser than 4-6 weeks apart.
  • Ask about joining us as a traveling Realsearch team participant - develop deep insight into business practice fundamentals while considering the opportunity to host.
  • Explore the information resource at, and learn the power of the process in "Realsearch: A Framework for Knowledge Management and Continuing Education".

Other ways to experience and employ Realsearch (inquire for details)

  • Private follow-on guidance can facilitate the completion of a design and even the transition and implementation planning begun with a Discovery Workshop.
  • Custom focused Realsearch workshops can be focused and facilitated for private or public groups with specific objectives.
  • Incorporate custom-designed and facilitated Realsearch sessions in your on-going management training activities.

Features: Home | Library | Links | Services | Corp Info
Major Concepts: Realsearch ||| Enterprise Model ||| Maturity Model
                        Knowledge & Agility ||| Agile System Principles
Book: Response Ability - The Language, Structure and Culture of the Agile Enterprise
Book: Value Propositioning - Perception and Misperception in Decision Making

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