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Ted Goranson
Associate, Paradigm Shift International
Chief Scientist,

Ted Goranson is the senior research scientist for Earl Research, where he works with abstraction, advanced logics and novel user paradigms. Several patents are in progress.

Previously, he played several roles in the intelligence research community, primarily focused on self-organizing agent systems and causal models. Goranson played a long time role in a lab associated with NSA.

He also spent a significant period working on organizational dynamics at ARPA in several roles: on SEMATECH, concurrent engineering, enterprise integration, agile industrial infrastructure and virtual enterprises.

He is active in the International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry and the Foundations of Information Science and Quantum Interaction communities in addition to the normal computer science and AI associations.

Goranson has written extensively, including a book on Agile Virtual Enterprises which among other effects, was influential in the design of the modern Chinese economy. He is currently writing on introspective structures in narrative models.

He has multiple degrees from MIT in computer science, philosophy and architecture.

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